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By Kyle Hilliard, September 6, 2010 0 Previews

The demo for Sega’s upcoming Vanquish recently appeared online, offering us gamers a glimpse into the absurdly fast, over-the-top cover shooter from the mind of Shinji Mikami. Mikami is best known as the creator of Resident Evil and Devil May… Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, September 2, 2010 0 GN

Telltale Games recently announced that they acquired the licensing rights to make games based on the Jurassic Park film franchise, and more importantly, the Back to the Future film franchise. USA Today has reported on a few new morsels of… Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, August 26, 2010 0 GN

Joe Danger, the Trials HD of the Playstation world, got a pretty massive update today according to the Playsation Blog. The folks over at Hello Games, took all consumer requests to heart, fixed up bugs, and added quite a few… Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, August 23, 2010 0 GN

Dan Paladin, Art Director and co-founder of Behemoth studios, announced on the Playstatin blog last week that Castle Crashers is finally making it’s way to the Playstaion 3. It’s coming pretty quickly too. It will be releasing on August 31st… Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, August 20, 2010 0 GN

In an interview with Gamasutra, LIMBO level designer Jeppe Carlsen discussed some of the design ideas behind his game. The story also points out that LIMBO has sold over 300,000 copies, which is good news for any Xbox Live title…. Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, August 19, 2010 0 GN

Here is what we know. Bethesda, developers of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Fallout 3, are hard at work on two games. We don’t know what the games are, but we do know that they are being worked on. So,… Read More »

Portal 2 release date changes from 'eventually' to 'February'

By Kyle Hilliard, August 19, 2010 0 GN

[flash width="540" height="328"]http:/[/flash] It’s a difficult urge to resist. I want to place a pun about Portal 2 receiving a release date being a triumph here, or say that the original release date was a lie — but I refuse…. Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, August 16, 2010 0 GN

[flash width="540" height="328"]http:/[/flash] Ninja Theory, the folks behind the underrated Heavenly Sword are getting ready to release Enslaved: Odyssey to the West in a matter of weeks. Their latest developer diary shows how important character is to the wonderfully colorful… Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, August 13, 2010 0 GN

Irrational Games has lifted the veil on it’s new mysterious project, and it looks like BioShock in the sky. It also proves that Irrational Games knows how to craft a damn fine trailer. There aren’t too many details, but there… Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, August 12, 2010 0 GN

Double Fine, best known for Psychonauts, Brutal Legend and CEO Tim Shafer’s hair, has announced its newest title, Costume Quest. Tim Schafer is not lead designer on Costume Quest. Instead, Double Fine animator Tasha Harris is in charge, and it… Read More »