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By Kyle Hilliard, January 3, 2011 0 GN

Game Informer has posted a whole slew of new screenshots showing off the latest Tomb Raider reboot. There isn’t a whole lot being revealed here in the narrative department, other than the revelation that Lara Croft looks like she will… Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, December 30, 2010 0 GN

Xenogears, Vagrant Story, Threads of Fate and Legend of Mana are all finally making their way to the PlayStation Network. All of these games hold reverence among gamers, but Xenogears and Vagrant Story are the two that are generating the… Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, December 29, 2010 0 GN

While out on the press tour promoting his new film Source Code, Jake Gyllenhaal was asked how he felt about doing another Prince of Persia film. He was quick to mention that there is no sequel currently planned, but that… Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, December 28, 2010 0 GN

Nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo in regard to exact release date, price or launch library, but GameStop has begun it’s reserve program for the 3DS console and a few games. A $50 deposit is required to hold your console… Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, December 27, 2010 0 GN

Kain and Raziel of the Legacy of Kain and Soul Reaver series are now downloadable playable characters in Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Getting these characters will cost you $4.99… Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, December 23, 2010 0 GN

The headline pretty much reveals all we know about the mobile version of Chrono Trigger. The only additional known detail, is that it will be available in Spring 2011. All that has been released from Square Enix is a teaser… Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, December 22, 2010 0 GN

We have actually already reported on the amazing Humble Indie Bundle deal once before, the all for charity sale that lets you pay whatever you want for five excellent games, but it is worth revisiting. Now, if you pay more… Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, December 21, 2010 0 GN

The game inFAMOUS follows the exploits of Cole. His story is heavily inspired by superhero comics, and the first inFAMOUS game really serves as Cole’s backstory, explaining why and how he got his superpowers. Most of the cutscenes in the… Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, December 20, 2010 0 GN

National Public Radio has released a story that actually speaks very highly of video games and their ability to make people smarter — sort of. The story titled, "Video Games Boost Brain Power, Multitasking Skills," consulted Daphne Bavelier, a professor… Read More »

By Kyle Hilliard, December 17, 2010 0 GN

EA has marked down seemingly their entire iPhone and iPad library of games, and all down to a dollar. No one ever complains about the price of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch games being too expensive, but a sale is… Read More »