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By Matt Erazo, March 18, 2011 0 VG Review

If there is one way I can describe Homefront, the new shooter from Frontlines: Fuel of War developer Kaos Studios, it’s what would have happened if the Colorado teens from Red Dawn grew up playing Call of Duty before the… Read More »

By Matt Erazo, March 14, 2011 0 VG Review

Dawn of War II has made a name for itself as being the unorthodox RTS game. Instead of focusing on base building and following your way up the tech tree like standard RTS games, Dawn of War II focuses on… Read More »

By Matt Erazo, December 8, 2010 0 GN

If you hated the prequel trilogy and thought Return of the Jedi devolved into a Muppet fest at the end, then LucasArts has the just the DLC for you. The Endor Bonus Mission for The Force Unleashed 2 is a… Read More »

By Matt Erazo, December 8, 2010 0 GN

Are you ready to hear about the most awesome game you will ever know? Dino D-Day is a game that will have you fighting resurrected dinosaurs during World War II. I’ll let that sink in for a second as you… Read More »

By Matt Erazo, December 8, 2010 0 GN

Best Buy has announced that it will carry the Rock Band 3 Fender Squier Stratocaster controller before the March 1 release date and will also feature it exclusively. They haven’t specified how early they will offer it, but have stated… Read More »

By Matt Erazo, December 8, 2010 0 GN

Ever since the Game Informer cover reveal, showing that the Tomb Raider reboot was in fact real, we’ve been waiting feverously for details on Miss Croft’s newest adventure. Some NeoGAF forum users have gotten their hands on the Game Informer… Read More »

By Matt Erazo, December 7, 2010 0 GN

Treyarch took to their forums today and detailed a new patch in the works for Call of Duty: Black Ops that will address some concerns voiced by the community. Among the notable changes in Title Update 4 are improved matchmaking,… Read More »

By Matt Erazo, December 7, 2010 1 GN

Along with the sad news that there will be no Marvel vs. Capcom 3 demo, Capcom’s Christian Svensson took to the Unity message boards and explained why we haven’t heard any news on Darkstalkers or the other favorite versus title,… Read More »

By Matt Erazo, December 7, 2010 0 GN

Sony is taking a few more steps in sweeting the appeal of their new PlayStation Rewards program. The program, which is still in beta and set to debut in April of next year, is now rolling out special quests that… Read More »

By Matt Erazo, December 6, 2010 0 Features

Out of all the new features being introduced in Rock Band 3, Pro Mode was easily the most interesting and revolutionary. It bridges the gap between playing plastic arcade instruments and playing real instruments. Harmonix even said that the mode… Read More »