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By Matt Erazo, November 28, 2010 0 VG Review

We’ve seen quite a few titles in the rhythm genre that use your own music as content. Both Audiosurf and Beat Hazard take your tracks and create unique levels. Both games are more about taking your music and forming unique… Read More »

Top 10 Worst Video Game Movies

By Matt Erazo, November 17, 2010 0 Features

Video game movies: Unanimously, every single one of them is bad, yet there is something special about the following 10. Each one is much more terrible than the last, and they should all be considered some of the most damaging… Read More »

By Matt Erazo, November 13, 2010 0 VG Review

Shaun White has decided to drop his snowboard and pick up a skateboard, throwing his name into the fray and competing with genre stalwarts Tony Hawk and Skate. To its credit, Shaun White Skateboarding does offer a completely new way… Read More »

By Matt Erazo, November 10, 2010 0 VG Review

It’s fitting that the opening scene of Rock Band 3 plays to The Doors’ "Break On Through (To the Other Side)." Rock Band 2, for all of its technical improvements and music updates, felt more like an expansion pack to… Read More »

By Matt Erazo, November 2, 2010 0 VG Review

Casual games are usually simple affairs that don’t demand much from their target audience. They don’t require you to be deadly accurate with a sniper rifle or to time increasingly difficult platform jumps. Instead, they focus on featuring a solid,… Read More »

By Matt Erazo, October 24, 2010 0 VG Review

The Castlevania series hasn’t had much luck making the transition to the 3D space. After two terrible N64 games followed by two terrible PS2 games, Konami turned to developer MercurySteam, with the help of Kojima Productions, to produce their latest… Read More »

By Matt Erazo, October 20, 2010 0 VG Review

An idea is a powerful thing. One can inspire greatness in people, bring people together, or make someone laugh. But until an idea is ultimately executed upon, it remains just that: an idea. Comic Jumper is an idea that, when… Read More »

By Matt Erazo, October 13, 2010 0 VG Review

The first Dead Rising was a divisive game. Either you loved the time-based missions, unforgiving save system, and brutal difficulty which required multiple restarts as you leveled up Mr. Frank West, or you just hated everything about it. I am… Read More »

By Matt Erazo, October 12, 2010 0 VG Review

If there is one thing that Quantum Theory gets right, and this is digging deep, is that it makes you really appreciate Gears of War. Tecmo Koei’s cover-based shooter is a blatant copy of Epic Games’ cover-based shooter, and a… Read More »

By Matt Erazo, October 1, 2010 0 VG Review

If I could sum up Burn Zombie Burn using only a few words, I would call it Geometry Wars: Zombie Apocalypse. Developer Doublesix’s zombie shoot-em-up is a delightful mix of Geometry Wars‘ top-down, arcade action and a 60s monster movie…. Read More »