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By Matt Erazo, September 27, 2010 16 Features

There have been some great videogame console controllers. Sony’s DualShock, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 controller, and Nintendo’s Super Nintendo pad are some of the most well designed and ergonomic controllers ever. But not every controller can be a winner. Throughout gaming’s… Read More »

By Matt Erazo, September 7, 2010 0 VG Review

The RTS genre is possibly one of the most malleable of all game genres. While the basic idea of commanding units in a real-time environment remains the same, different titles will show their own unique spin on the genre, either… Read More »

Elemental: War of Magic Review

By Matt Erazo, September 1, 2010 0 VG Review

It’s always a good thing when you can feel the potential a game has. That early feeling a game gives you can set the expectations of what’s in store for you as a player. It excites you and drives you… Read More »

By Matt Erazo, August 25, 2010 0 VG Review

If you grew up playing games in the late 80s and early 90s, you probably indulged in a little RPG-style beat-em-up called River City Ransom. The game had you beat up Japanese banchos as you traveled the city looking for… Read More »

R.U.S.E. Hands-On Preview: Single-Player

By Matt Erazo, August 19, 2010 0 Previews

A few months ago I was given the chance to try out the multiplayer component of Ubisoft and Eugen Systems’ upcoming RTS, R.U.S.E. (Check out the preview here). I came away from the game feeling refreshed and optimistic about the RTS… Read More »

By Matt Erazo, August 7, 2010 0 VG Review

In the world of fighting games, BlazBlue sits firmly between the insanity of the Versus series and the strict strategy of Street Fighter, just like its spiritual predecessor, Guilty Gear. It allows for crazy, multi-hit combos, but still allows a… Read More »

By Matt Erazo, July 27, 2010 0 Features

As gamers, we are conditioned to expect a certain set of experiences in a video game. You are going to save the princess/world/best friend, you’re going to kill a lot of enemies, you’re going to meet a diabolical arch nemesis… Read More »

By Matt Erazo, July 22, 2010 0 VG Review

MMOs are a notoriously difficult genre to assess critically. An MMO’s life is typically longer than your average video game and any MMO can be a completely different game a year after its initial launch. These games evolve and grow… Read More »

By Matt Erazo, July 15, 2010 0 VG Review

I was fully expecting to be unimpressed with LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4. As a Harry Potter fan, I’ve been let down by a vast majority of The Boy Who Lived’s videogame adaptations. I’ve also grown jaded and bored with… Read More »

By Matt Erazo, June 30, 2010 0 VG Review

The PSP has fallen on rough times, suffering a drought of must-have games as of late. Your PSP may have been rejected or placed in the corner, collecting dust as you waited for that amazing game to come along and… Read More »