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By Omri Petitte, December 22, 2009 0 GN

Evidently wishing to turn their fast-food operation into the sort of digital watering-hole that coffee establishments such as Starbucks and Tully’s have become, McDonald’s has enabled free wi-fi access for all their customers. Initially, a $2.95 charge accompanied the usage… Read More »

By Omri Petitte, December 18, 2009 0 GN

It started out simple enough. Continuing the urban saga of the sprawling Liberty City, Grand Theft Auto IV‘s two DLC packs — The Lost and the Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony — would encourage players to explore the… Read More »

By Omri Petitte, December 17, 2009 0 GN

The plethora of action-adventure games that are under development speaks clearly of everyone wanting a piece of the Kratos pie, with games such as Bayonetta and Dante’s Inferno eschewing singularity for juicier graphics yet similar gameplay. In response, SCEA Lead… Read More »

By Omri Petitte, December 16, 2009 0 GN

At Spike TV’s annual Video Game Awards, viewers were treated to an exclusive debut trailer of some action-packed moments from the upcoming Medal of Honor, which serves as a reboot to the venerable line of war shooters. EA Executive Producer… Read More »

By Omri Petitte, December 15, 2009 0 GN

A new announcement from Zenimax Media has stated that they have acquired publishing rights for id Software’s in-development FPS project, RAGE. Initially, publishing rights were in possession of Electronic Arts, who no longer has any direct involvement with the game…. Read More »

By Omri Petitte, December 14, 2009 0 GN

If, like me, you’ve grown vexed over the incessant giggling of the Mr. T-like Coach or the twangy drawl of Ellis in Left 4 Dead 2, then fear not: Valve’s first DLC for the zombie shooter sequel reunites a certain… Read More »

By Omri Petitte, December 12, 2009 0 GN

Hours before Spike TV’s Video Game Awards will be broadcasted, host Geoff Keighley has let slip that the first five minutes of the show will contain the "biggest surprise premiere" that shouldn’t be missed. The VGAs have garnered a reputation… Read More »

By Omri Petitte, December 11, 2009 0 GN

It seems that fortune is continuing to smile upon the PS3. After Sony’s victory at Metacritic’s Platform Power Rankings list, the just-released November NPD sales figures have "exceeded expectations" for Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America. "In November,… Read More »

By Omri Petitte, December 10, 2009 0 GN

Review database website Metacritic has employed their unique rating aggregation system to generate the first annual "Platform Power Rankings" list that arranges the various video gaming platforms by the highest rated titles. Sony’s PS3 console managed to edge out both… Read More »

By Omri Petitte, December 9, 2009 0 GN

Like an ancient Jedi Master of old slipping through the fog of the past to return to the light, David Jaffe has made his presence known on the Internet once more. Jaffe supplies us with yet another of his classic… Read More »