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Universe at War: Earth Assault Review

By Kyle Stallock, April 20, 2008 0 VG Review

Universe at War may be the sci-fi RTS videogame equivalent of the 1995 epic Showgirls: an unintentionally funny amalgamation of average script writing and average…well almost everything else. Unlike the humor one may derive out of these pinnacle achievements of… Read More »

Condemned 2: Bloodshot Review

By Kyle Stallock, March 22, 2008 0 VG Review

Condemned 2: Bloodshot is porn for audio and visual enthusiasts who don’t play games; a sensoral guilty pleasure from a medium not known for groundbreaking achievements in either category outside of the most knowledgeable of devotees. Because of the game’s… Read More »

By Kyle Stallock, March 16, 2008 0 GN

Another week, another late Rock Band DLC announcement. This is coming straight from Harmonix Developer hmxsean over at the Rock Band forums. "Next week for DLC we have the much awaited Earache Thrash Pack. All tracks are $1.99 (160 Microsoft… Read More »

By Kyle Stallock, March 10, 2008 0 GN

As GamerNode mentioned last week, THQ has announced that they are planning the first cheerleading game for the Wii, but more details have surfaced, and we just couldn’t help but to…bring it on…(that was so lame). In All Star Cheer… Read More »

N+ Review

By Kyle Stallock, February 29, 2008 0 VG Review

Excelling at the more difficult levels of N+ is what I would imagine it would be like jumping in the driver’s seat of an Ariel Atom and hitting every possible apex of that son-of-a-bitch racetrack Nurburing, in the rain. The… Read More »

Democracy Review

By Kyle Stallock, February 20, 2008 0 VG Review

This first paragraph in my reviews is usually reserved for a brief explanation of the game, the company who made it and its general genre classification. Now that I have played Democracy, I’m not sure if this typical review structure… Read More »

Rock Band fan discovers "Satisfaction" and other things…

By Kyle Stallock, February 14, 2008 0 GN

God bless you people who can’t stop tinkering with things, especially those who like to see the dirty little innards of videogames. User "laconic" of the Rock Band Scorehero message boards has uncovered a list of songs in the Rock… Read More »

By Kyle Stallock, February 13, 2008 0 VG Review

With almost any form of media, there are pieces of content which, when released, never get the attention they so rightly deserve. Years pass by and the content is typically hailed by critics, people who have actually experienced the content… Read More »

By Kyle Stallock, January 26, 2008 0 GN

In what is sure to shock Nintendo haters worldwide, Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata said, in a recent interview over at, that "If all our games mirror games like Wii Sports or Wii Fit, our gamers would soon… Read More »

By Kyle Stallock, January 24, 2008 0 Features

Sometimes content is released that has a higher agenda than simply being entertaining. It’s commonly known (or is it?) that games are used to educate and advertise, but how often are they used to address pressing issues? Faith Fighter, no… Read More »