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By Tyler Cameron, February 22, 2009 0 GN

    Microsoft is using $1.5 million to start The Games for Learning Institute in a joint venture with New York University and other colleges to see whether videogames could enhance education. This won’t necessarily look at games designed for… Read More »

By Tyler Cameron, February 9, 2009 0 Features

    Is it really so far-fetched to consider today’s videogames and their highly realistic nature as military training tools? Games like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and the Ace Combat series feature highly realistic environments, complex controls and… Read More »

By Tyler Cameron, February 1, 2009 0 Features

    Back in early 2008, a neat little game called Faith and a .45 was announced. Info about it quickly began flooding the internets, and for good reason. With a wicked-cool name, a unique setting, and a heavy focus… Read More »

By Tyler Cameron, January 24, 2009 0 GN

  At least Ubisoft seems to think so. An article from is reporting that Ubisoft is already adding staff to work on future technology and development for new consoles in 2012. Mind you this comes with no announcements from… Read More »

By Tyler Cameron, January 20, 2009 0 Features, GN

    Man, I loves me some Resident Evil. Just think, all of the above and then some can be yours on March 13. While Japanese gamers have had their mits on the RE5 demo for some time now, we… Read More »

By Tyler Cameron, January 20, 2009 0 GN

    Like many of us, I wondered what was going to happen to the Mass Effect trilogy once EA acquired BioWare in late 2007. Well que up "Another One Bites the Dust," because it appears that a "reliable source"… Read More »