Axed EA dev calls Old Republic "a joke"

A laid off dev calls the game

A developer for EA, who is about to be part of some layoffs, has made an anonymous blog post completely slamming Star Wars: The Old Republic and predicting it to be a complete and utter failure.

"Old Republic will be one of the greatest failures in the history of MMOs from EA. Probably at the level of the Sims Online. We all know it too," wrote the blogger.

The writer then claims that EA and BioWare have spent more on the game than the film Avatar.

"[EA and BioWare] spent more money making the Old Republic than James Cameron spent on Avatar," ranted the blogger. "Shit you not. More than $300 million! Can you believe that?"

The dev’s rant continued:

"And you know what they’re most proud of? This is the kicker. They are most proud of the sound. No seriously. Something like a 20Gig installation, and most of it is voiceover work. That’s the best they have.

"The rest of the game is a joke. EA knows it and so does George Lucas, they’re panicking, and so most of Mythic has already been cannibalised to work in Austin on it because they can’t keep pushing back launch."

The post has drawn the ire of a few industry figures, one of which is God of War creator David Jaffe.

"What the f*ck is it about making games where it brings out the worst, most immature, most obnoxious sides of certain types of people on a team?" asks Jaffe in a response on his own blog. "Everyone thinks they always know better than the people in charge."

A spokesperson for EA has given comment to Eurogamer saying, "We don’t respond to rumors or anonymous blogs."

Star Wars: The Old Republic is set to release for the PC sometime in 2011.

[EA Louse Blog Post]
[David Jaffe’s Blog]


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