BBC News' state of PC gaming: It looks good!

pcgamingHow has your PC been faring in the gaming scene lately? I’m probably one of the few on the GN roster who solely plays PC games, so you can say I stuck with PC gaming through thick and thin. To make you PC gamers feel a bit proud, BBC News did a nice piece on the PC gaming resurgence.

The article attributes the gaming resurgence through an increased emphasis on gaming hardware, especially quad core processors, graphics cards using DX 10 tools and developers willing to push hardware to their limits.

But is the current generation of consoles anywhere near the true power of a PC? NVIDIA’s vice president of content, Roy Taylor, says no.

"It’s absolute nonsense to think that consoles are at the cutting edge. As good as consoles are, they are so far behind the PC gaming experience that there is no comparison. In terms of raw processing power, the high-end PCs are at least three times more powerful."

Bernd Diemer, producer for Crysis, talked about how Crytek’s game will utilize gaming hardware to its fullest potential and proclaimed PCs gaming excellence.

"In some areas we have managed to set a new standard. We’ve managed to push it a bit further. The PC is finally back up where it belongs. The innovation is happening on the PC; but that’s always been the case."

For you PC gamers who also game on consoles, how have you been treating your PCs lately? Are they collecting dust or have you shunned consoles away?


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