Bethesda Softworks Takes the Helm as Star Trek's Game Publisher

Take your dusty “Federation of Planets” uniform out of storage and wear it proudly again. News has surfaced that a new Star Trek game titled, “Star Trek Legacy”, is scheduled to warp sometime in September of 2006 and will be available for the Xbox 360 and PC. In statements given to Game Informer magazine, Dr. Ian Davis, CEO of game developer Mad Doc Software said, “We,ve always wanted to do a Star Trek game that captures the core Star Trek fantasy. When you look at the history of Star Trek games, there have been some good games, but we felt we haven’t had the chance to make the game the Star Trek fans want until now." “Star Trek Legacy” will offer ship to ship combat in which successful completion of battle missions will allow the gamer to upgrade starship stats or to purchase new ships. Davis elaborated, “There’s action, but it’s not like ‘I’m a fighter pilot’ action. It’s ‘I command a starfleet’ action… We treat the ships as your characters. When a ship dies, that’s a big thing in Star Trek. It only happens a few times in the whole 700-plus hours of the whole Star Trek cannon where you see the Enterprise get destroyed. It’s a big thing and it should mean something." In addition, Bethesda Softworks, who will publish the game, announced this week that it has secured the rights from CBS Consumer Products to produce video games based upon the entire Star Trek universe. Bethesda Software will have exclusive rights to publish these titles for the PC, all game consoles and handhelds. Todd Vaughn, vice president of development at Bethesda Software said, "Being able to work with the entire universe of this beloved series is an incredibly exciting opportunity for us. We have some great ideas about where we want to go with this license and having the exclusive right to develop and publish Star Trek games across all platforms ensures that every Star Trek game will be a quality game worthy of its name.” As Starship Captain Jean-Luc Picard would say, “Let it be so.”


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