46: Championing the Underdog with Peter Willington

Sinan Kubba and Jeffrey Matulef are joined by special guest Peter Willington from the InRetroSpect podcast to talk about how the relationship between the game press and more obscure, underdog-type video games. The episode also features an interview conducted by Peter with Jim Sterling, Reviews Editor at Destructoid, in which Jim talks about what compels him to champion games that others probably wouldn’t.

3 Responses to “46: Championing the Underdog with Peter Willington”
  1. poopsz says:

    so, does anyone else think that peter wellington sounds like he is vomiting a little every time he pauses to think?

    nice episode, though

  2. Sinan Kubba says:

    @poopsz: Thanks for the comment – and the imagery! With the way I was so sniffy and nasal in that episode I’m surprised anyone focused on Peter. Besides, better that than to spew out stuff without thinking :) Glad you enjoyed the episode.

  3. Actually, Mr. Willington has ruined the entire Big Red Potion HQ with the vomit that pours slowly and steadily from his mouth. We’ve had to redecorate since this show.

    Good thing he’s such a good, thoughtful guest. :-D

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