Bill Gates Proclaims Success of Xbox 360

Bill Gates proclaimed confidently that the Xbox 360 is on its way to being a top sales performer in the next-gen game console market and has turned the tables on Microsoft’s main competitor, Sony.

Gates made his statements at the Consumer Electronics Show to Reuters before he was to make his keynote address at the podium. He pondered on the past mistakes of Microsoft with the original Xbox launch in 2001, and stated that the present competition between Sony and Microsoft is in direct contrast to what occurred between the two giants six years ago. He said, "It’s a complete reversal of last time. Last time, we tried coming in a year late with a big, clunky box that cost more and [had] less titles. We tried that and it’s not that much fun."

The present atmosphere surrounding the Xbox 360 should make Microsoft executives smile. The goal to ship 10 million units by the end of 2006 was not only met, but was surpassed to the tune of an additional 400,000 units. If there were any doubts as to the 360’s success among consumers, those doubts were washed quickly away with the breakneck speed of Xbox 360s flying off store shelves during the 2006 Christmas shopping season.

The ongoing success of the 360 can be attributed to three factors–a wider selection of game titles that appeal to a larger audience, games which capture the imagination and dynamically exploit the 360’s singleplayer and multiplayer capabilities, and a game console that presents good gaming performance at a reasonable price. If Microsoft can keep the flow of solid games streaming to the 360, the success of the Xbox 360 may well be on its way in beating Sony at its own game–good, affordable video game entertainment.


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