Bill Gates Speaks On Nintendo And 360

Our favorite cash bulging geek, Bill Gates, had a few interesting words to say about his competitor Nintendo and the Xbox 360, in an interview given to Electronic Gaming Magazine. As far as Nintendo goes, he had some nice things to say about them: “Nintendo… You’ve got to give it to them. They march to the beat of a different drummer. Sometimes that makes them incredibly right and sometimes that makes them incredibly wrong. They’re certainly making a very different bet in terms of how much they’re putting into the graphics this time. I do think there is a question as to whether they can get outside the young age bracket at all. That’s been tough for them. Gates is tooting the graphics superiority of the 360 again, but as we have reported here on GamerNode, that superiority can™t be seen by the majority of 360 owners because they don™t have hi-def televisions. As far as Nintendo™s problem of not being able to, get outside the young age bracket, Nintendo doesn™t seem to mind this at all, with record sales and profits. No problem. Bill Gates is entitled to his opinion. Speaking of opinions, Gates is also the guy who said once that, 640K ought to be enough for anyone. He made these remarkable words in 1981, when computer users were complaining about the inability of Microsoft™s operating system to use all of the 1mb of ram on PC systems. (384kb were reserved for the system). Oh well, we all are entitled to mistakes. Mr. Gates had a moment of total candor when he was talking about the 360 and said, “I mean, geez ” it was my decision to get into video gaming, so we™re going to make that look like a good decision no matter how long it takes. But we feel very good that we™ll make money this time around. The things we got wrong last time, we™ve learned them. It looks like Microsoft and Bill Gates aren™t about to drop out of the video game console business anytime soon. With words such as, no matter how long it takes, they™re determined to make the Xbox a true competitor, if not the winner, in the game console wars.


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