Bioshock: 20 hour playtime confirmed

Bioshock Big Daddy

The majority of Bioshock fanatics have most likely electrocuted and incinerated the masked crazies residing in the dark buildings of Rapture and hacked every last turret multiple times in the demo that was released on Xbox Live Marketplace three days ago. To them, it seems as though every playthrough of it is better than the last.

Now, those hardcore fans should be utterly pleased to hear the game’s approximate length: 20 hours.

Personally, I think that such an atmospheric game doesn’t really deserve to be played through at the same pace as, say, Halo 2. From what I’ve seen, it seems as though the world was crafted by Irrational (now known as 2K Boston, much to the dismay of many) with exploration on the player’s behalf factoring heavily into the overall experience. To completely disregard that aspect of it just seems like an absolute injustice.

[Via Xboxer]


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