BioShock Infinite box art disgruntles fans

BioShock Infinite

Publisher 2K Games has revealed the box art to the forthcoming BioShock Infinite, but to a negative response from fans.

Using Reddit as a platform, many fans expressed their disappointment with the artwork. The general consensus was that it doesn’t capture the spirit of the usually unconventional BioShock franchise. User BiohazardBlaze highlighted several reasons for this, the strongest being that it appears “forgettable and generic.” He added, “Isn’t BioShock a big enough and respected enough franchise to warrant a ‘riskier’ cover?”

The box art portrays protagonist Booker Dewitt staring moodily into the distance, shotgun in hand, with a burning American flag in the background. Owen Good, writing for Kotaku, stated, “The worst you can say is that it is cliché fitting the worst cover-art trope of them all – chin down, eyes up.”

However, it appears that irony may be something subtly undercutting the apparently conventional image. On Reddit, BiohazardBlaze argued that “BioShock was a goddamn scary game. A moody game. Atmospheric,” asking “Who is this game [BioShock Infinite] meant for?”

The original BioShock used the sinister, dark setting of Rapture to demonstrate the reality of putting author Ayn Rand’s controversial Objectivist philosophy into practice. BioShock Infinite, on the other hand, is built on the rise of American Exceptionalism, which is the idea that America is greater than the rest of the world.

As evident through previous interviews, it seems Lead Designer Ken Levine hopes to undercut this belief through BioShock Infinite. Therefore, the bright image of a typically heroic and patriotic figure standing in front of a burning American flag appears to be an ironic twist on what is looking to be a major theme throughout the game.

What do the readers think? Is this box art a clever use of subtle imagery or uninspired droll? Let GamerNode know in the comments section below.



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One Comment on "BioShock Infinite box art disgruntles fans"

  1. inzautoe December 13, 2012 at 12:20 pm -

    I actually love this box art. I think it perfectly captures the game’s primary theme without becoming complex or bombastic.

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