BlackSite: Area 51 to benefit from… Halo 3?

blacksiteSo there’s a game called Halo 3 coming out next week. If you’re a smart publisher, don’t release your games during that week because it’s guaranteed that Halo 3 will completely own everything. But that’s not stopping Midway; they’re saying that BlackSite: Area 51 will actually benefit from Halo 3’s (guaranteed?) success.

But what’s their reasoning? According to Aidan Minter, Midway’s European brand manager, he told MCV, "BlackSite will absolutely benefit from the popularity of Halo, and stands a fair chance of hitting number one." Wait, that’s it? Sure, BlackSite and Halo 3 are FPS and set in some sort of a sci-fi universe but will that be enough?

Nonetheless, as I said, both games are FPS and BlackSite is coming out in November, so maybe that’ll be enough time for the game to catch the stragglers that are coming off of Halo 3. Still, Halo 3 is the Supreme Being in the multiplayer world, so for a game to attract that crowd is not an easy job.

Don’t forget about other games though with potentially strong multiplayer: Unreal Tournament 3 (from Midway as well), Call of Duty 4, Crysis, Medal of Honor: Airborne, Team Fortress 2, and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars just to name a few. I think I’m safe to say that the winner in this case is us.

[Via Games Radar]


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