Blizzard Spreads PvP Joy in Next WoW Patch

All good little girls and boys from the Alliance and Horde alike can look forward to some new PvP additions in the next World of Warcraft content patch. The update will include two objective-based PvP areas and the new cross-realm battlegrounds. Some details of these features have been released, but this information is subject to change throughout development.

Two different zones in the game will include world PvP objectives:

Silithus will feature a gathering challenge where players from each faction must gather spice from respawning geysers. After returning the spice to their faction,s base, players will receive an individual buff; however, spice can be stolen by killing a player carrying it. When one side collects a specific amount of spice, all members in that zone, and in the Ahn,Qiraj instance, receive a special buff. The spice counts are then reset to start again.In the Eastern Plaguelands, the Horde and Alliance must capture and hold four towers. Keeping the area free of enemy players will capture a tower, and the more allies you have near the tower the faster it will be captured. Each tower controlled provides a specific benefit, such as a fast flight path across the zone. If one faction controls all four towers, players receive a special buff in the zone that increases attack power or spell power against Undead in the region and in Stratholme.

The other exciting new feature coming with the next patch is cross-realm battlegrounds. This addition allows players from other realms to compete against each other in any of the three battlegrounds: Warsong Gultch, Arathi Basin, and Alterac Valley. This should significantly decrease queues for battleground instances and revitalize the PvP scene on under-populated servers. There will be a designated list of realms that can engage each other (known as battlegroups), and the list will be available soon on the official World of Warcraft site. The new cross-realm battlegrounds will be enabled on the public test realms before they are launched.


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