Blizzard VP Suggests End of Game Consoles Within Five Years

Only a few years ago, some industry pundits were predicting the end of the PC as a gaming platform due to the increasing popularity of game consoles. Now, the tables have been turned and Itzik Ben Bassat, Vice President of Blizzard business development, predicts that it will be the game console–not the PC–that is headed for oblivion.

Ben Bassat said in remarks made to, "The PC is becoming an entertainment hub…. Maybe in five years you won’t need a console because you’ll have one PC which delivers content all over your house."

It is interesting to note that game console manufacturers, such as Sony and Microsoft, are also moving towards the idea of a centralized "entertainment hub," an all-in-one device for movies, music, internet, and games. There’s currently enough room for the PC and game console platforms to co-exist with one another. So while Ben Bassat’s prediction may be somewhat premature, it does point out the fact that consumers want more functionality in their consoles than just gaming.


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