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Good evening in GamerNode land! Eddie Inzauto here, and I’m standing outside of a theater in midtown Liberty City, where moviegoers are about to exit after seeing the newest Disney/Pixar animated film, Brave. I’ll be heading in later, thanks to the eight-dollar-off coupon that came with my copy of Brave: The Video Game by Disney Interactive Studios and Behaviour Interactive, but for now, let’s find out what others think of this family-focused movie tie-in.

Hello, sir! I’m Eddie Inzauto of, and I’m hoping to get some insight from Brave viewers on the merits of the video game adaptation of the animated film. Can you tell us your name and what you think of the game?

Well, my name doesn’t really matter, and neither does that game. It’s a movie game! They all suck, everyone knows that! Have a good night.

Brave: The Video Game

Strong, blanket judgement there, obviously with no clear basis for his opinion other than what he and so many other gamers have come to experience in the past. Movie games are often let-downs, but I know our audience is more enlightened than to believe such a gross generalization, so let’s move on.

Hello, sir! Now you look like a “real” gamer, judging from your Call of Duty t-shirt, Madden NFL baseball cap – I’m not sure that even makes sense, but no matter – and what appear to be sunglasses fashioned to look like Master Chief’s visor. Sir, YOU are who we want to hear from, no doubt. Can you tell us your name and what you think of Disney Interactive’s Brave?

Hey man, the name’s Turk. Turk McNukkelgunz. Wait. You’re not live or anything, right? I don’t want my friends to know I came to see this movie… alone.

Nope. Not live at all. *winks at camera*

OK, cool. So first of all, the game has nothing to do with the movie! I mean, some things are kinda the same, but mostly it’s just a kids’ game with the movie characters in it. Lame. You know what’s awesome, though? That f***ing bow! I can shoot like 50 shots a second with that thing! It’s as good as a damn M16! And I can’t miss! Just flick the right stick and boom: HEEEAAAADSHOT! Really, though, the game feels empty. Nothing’s there. An action game needs tons of enemies to kill or it’s boring. I dig the shadows, though. When you jump, ya know? I couldn’t miss landing a jump on those tiny platforms if I tried. Well, of course I could, ’cause I’m awesome, but it wouldn’t matter anyway; the game puts me right back where I fell from with basically no penalty. I managed to die once – the controller fell out of my hands, of course – and even then, the game set me back maybe 20 seconds worth of gameplay. Whatever. Kinda lame. Kinda boring. There’s plenty of better stuff out there. Peace, bro.

Thanks, Mr. McNukkelgunz! Now that’s a little more like it – someone with an actual opinion! It wasn’t the most glowing reception, but I think we’re beginning to get an idea of what it’s like to play this game. Moving on!

Brave: The Video Game

Greetings, sir, do you have a minute to tell us your name and what you think of Brave: The Video Game that was recently released for home consoles and PC?

Sure, bud. My name is Rubin Schmaltz, and I think Brave is pretty cool. I’ve been playing video games for a long time, and I see a lot of good stuff in there for the kids who will likely play it. Let’s not pretend it’s something it’s not, right? It definitely targets a certain audience, so it’s no BioShock or Skyrim, but that doesn’t mean it’s terrible, and I certainly don’t hate it. Its hub world, modest visuals, and straightforward design remind me of the Nintendo 64 era – a wonderful time in gaming. Perhaps it makes things feel a bit “lighter” like I remember that period being, but I also find myself wondering what is actually appealing about the game. I enjoy the quick, right-stick archery mixed with melee attacks, and the simple puzzles (clearly designed for children) make me laugh, but I appreciate where they’re coming from. What I really like is the way it includes some slightly more sophisticated mechanics like unlocking skills with gold coins and letting the player switch between elemental weapon charms to more effectively kill certain enemies and open the path forward. I can even see a little Okami influence in there when Merida cleanses the different areas of Mor’du’s influence. Anyway, it seems great for kids, and I could enjoy it for at least a little while, myself.

Thanks, Johnny! You really helped us out!

Brave: The Video Game

Hmm, so there’s a little more going on in there than Mr. Nukkelgunz had let on, but it think we still need on more opinion to see the full picture. Ma’am! Do you have a second to talk about Brave: The Video Game?

Oh, yes! Yes I do. It’s just lovely! My children can’t get enough of it. Now I know that it’s got some fighting in it, but I paid close attention and little Merida only fights monsters, not people, and there’s no blood; it’s all very whimsical. What’s great is that the kids get to play as the character they saw in the movie. They love that. Oh, and she talks in the game, too! Actually, there are a bunch of little scenes that look like a storybook and have voice-over narration. It’s very nice, and the kids enjoy following along because it’s a different story than in the movie. Two of them can even play together, one as Merida and the other as the Wisp. They have such fun with it. Anyway, I have to run. I hope that was enough!

Indeed, that was enough. I think we found out here tonight that Brave is as good as its players want it to be; it really depends on who you are and what you expect to get out of it. It’s not a cutting-edge, AAA title, but it certainly has value. As a kids’ game, it seems like a winner.

That’s all from your man on the street. I’m Eddie Inzauto. Good night, and keep playing!


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