British report reveals what gamers are all about

Unlike the recent FTC report which revealed what everyone already knew about kids buying mature-rated video games, our friends across the sea have offered a more revealing report on their findings on what gaming and gamers are all about, which has been released by the British Board of Film Classification. The BBFC monitors, approves and classifies entertainment media according to various standards and guidelines.

The report was conducted through intensive interviews and discussions with gamers ranging in age from 7-40 years. The findings, unlike the FTC report, ring true and offer true insight into what gamers go through and the influence of video games on individuals who play them. Among the various findings reached by the 107 page document:

  • Gamers frequently play during extended periods of time but don’t even realize it. Typical gaming sessions last 6 or more hours or in the event of especially good games, they’ll pull "all nighters."
  • The popularity of game titles is primarily determined by word of mouth. Gamers recommend games to their peers, and this, more than anything else, gives a game credibility.
  • Some reasons why people play video games is because they are entertaining, serves as an escape from everyday life, allows for an alternative reality, and provides a social arena for competition.
  • Parents usually feel that their children are balanced enough to play violent titles and that they understand "pretend" violence from real acts of violence.
  • Parents are concerned about the large amount of time their kids spend playing games.
  • Gamers have a difficult time in trying to appease their girlfriends with quality time when gaming.

While the study isn’t the definitive report on gaming, it offers an interesting glimpse into the world of gaming. For a look at the entire document, the BBFC has made its research findings available here.


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