Bruce Willis playing Kane in Kane and Lynch movie

Bruce Willis with hairAccording to Variety:

"Bruce Willis is negotiating to star in ‘Kane and Lynch,’ Lionsgate’s bigscreen transfer of the Eidos Entertainment vidgame ‘Kane and Lynch: Dead Men.’

Simon Crane will make his feature directing debut after serving as second unit director and stunt coordinator on such films as ‘Hancock,’ ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith,’ ‘Troy’ and ‘X-Men: The Last Stand.’"

Don’t do it. Don’t take one of the obvious knee-jerk reactions to this news story. Yes, this will be another game-to-film adaptation. What you may not know with your Gerstmanngate glasses all fogged up with tasteless exaggeration is the excellent storytelling present in Kane and Lynch. Our own Brendon Lindsey had this to say about the game:

"When you get right down to it, Kane & Lynch’s strongest (and only above average) features are the titular characters and Kane’s story."

Matt Leone of 1up had this to say in his review of the game:

"We rarely see scenarios and story structure this good in a game…"

Here’s what the folks at G4 and X-Play had to say:

"But the story carries all of this swearing and violence very well with a sort of gangster movie grit that gives the main characters the proper motivation for what they’re doing. Is it over-the-top? Absolutely. But it doesn’t ever feel pointless. "

Inversely, Jeff Gerstmann had this to say about the game in his infamous Gamespot review:

"While the journey sounds interesting at first, and has a few bright points, it’s weighed down by bad storytelling, a real lack of character development…"

Personally, I enjoyed every bloody second of playing through Kane and Lynch with a buddy (I played as Kane of course). I don’t pop Commando into the dvd player to experience a deep story filled with character development. I pop it in because I want to see the governator kick some ass while never having to reload and dropping people off effin’ cliffs while spoutin’ one-liners.

[via Variety]


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