Brutal Legend multiplayer detailed


Yeah, hacking, slashing, and destroying your opponents’ faces with rock is one part of Brutal Legend‘s gameplay, but another big chunk of the game is made up of the RTS and multiplayer elements. Tim Schafer has stated that the single-player is more or less practice for the game’s ambitous multiplayer, but we’ve been left in the dark about how the game’s RTS elements would work and how the said multiplayer would play out. Well, Double Fine has released a multiplayer tutorial trailer that details how matches will go down. 

Players will have a "stage" which will act as their base, and must summon fan towers to gather resources, summon units, and lead them into battle to take out other opponents’ stages. There are also three factions with differing attributes and abilities. Think of it as Defense of the Ancients, but instead of orcs and elves, you’ll have guitars and harpies.

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