Bungie planning Halo 3 DLC

halo3preordersSo who else is giving Brendon the evil eye since he has his mitts all over Halo 3 this weekend? In the spirit of giving, Jay Weinland, audio lead for Halo 3 and Jonty Barnes, head of production for Halo 3, spoke with Next Generation and mentioned that Bungie is planning downloadable content upon Halo 3’s release.

Weinland talked about DLC and future plans for Bungie, including the project with director Peter Jackson.

"Although we haven’t announced details, we have talked about downloadable content at some point… And just to complete that though too, we have the project with Peter Jackson that we’ve been discussing and we’ve had to co-produce some stuff, and while we can’t really talk about all the details of that, we’re super-excited about working with Peter Jackson and there are definitely some great possibilities."

Barnes said that he expects a whole load of community-driven content once Halo 3 is released, especially with The Forge (Halo 3’s map editor).

"It’s supporting the community, really. From day one of release, we have a lot of things going on at Bungie.net. The Forge, for example, is going to be community-driven content. We actually think Halo 3’s future, especially in the immediate term, is going to be very much driven by the community content. Supporting that is the number one priority."

Continual support is always grand, especially for a massive game like Halo 3, so even though the game itself is finished itself, Bungie still has a load of work to do to continue offering support.


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