Bungie Producer Reveals Halo 3 Details

Halo 3 is so close to being released that many Halo fans can almost smell the sizzling odors of burning Covenant corpses. But until then, many of us can only speculate on what is going to be included in the new game, especially the single player. But Bungie’s Frank O’Connor gave some insight into the features of Halo 3 in an interview with GamePro.

Among the questions that were asked, one concerned the differences between Halo 3 and previous Halo games. O’Connor said, "The most visible difference when you play will be the sheer number of characters you fight. Battling teeming hordes of bad guys in huge, complex arenas will be one of the most defining characteristics of the game. How they behave and how they fight will probably cement those memories. We’ve built on the strengths of the last two games, fixed and improved some of the ‘old’ characters, and innovated completely in some instances. Encounters — single battles against packs and individuals, are going to define campaign."

O’Connor said that the highly acclaimed matchmaking system of Halo 2 will be expanded in Halo 3. "We are still building the core game around matchmaking, but we will give players more options and greater flexibility this time around. Although this has its drawbacks, I think that most Live players appreciate the way Halo 2 matchmaking works, and will enjoy the improvements vastly."

The last question that was asked is on every Halo fan’s mind: when will the Halo 3 beta begin? "The file will be exactly 873.46 megs and…I’m kidding. Still being figured out, but we’ll keep you posted."


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