Buy Mario Galaxy at Toys R Us, get $25 gift card free

Super Mario GalaxyIf you own a Wii and won’t be buying Super Mario Galaxy, please stand up. Is anyone standing? I’ll assume no, because you’d be an odd person indeed to have a Wii and not get this one. (Forgivable excuses include: lack of money, being sick, or being a fool.)

For those of us picking up the lovable mascot’s latest title, Toys R Us is offering a deal where you can get a $25 gift certificate just by picking up SMG in the store. That’s about half of most other current games, depending on your platform of choice. If you haven’t preordered yet and live near a TRU, why not take advantage of the deal?

And if you don’t want the gift card, I’m sure there’s someone who is writing this news right now that would gladly take it off your hands for you. 

Super Mario Galaxy Toys R Us

[via gonintendo]




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