Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare played using Kinect and Wiimote

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If there’s one thing core gamers wish Microsoft’s Kinect motion camera could do, it’s first-person shooters. This latest Kinect hack shows the first steps towards developing such a game, but it’s the gryoscopes in the Wiimote that provide the necessary accuracy.

The role of Kinect in demize2010’s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare hack is to "lean, duck, pick up, reload and stab realistically". The video also shows the player throwing a flash bang with an upward fist pump and sprinting by thrusting a foot forward. Not surprisingly, the only commands the Kinect is able to perform are governed by large, somewhat sweeping movements.

It looks like the heavy lifting is still being done by the technology in a controller, a Wiimote to be precise. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to play a FPS without a handheld object (i.e. controller) anyway, so maybe this is the best combination for the Kinect and the FPS genre. Surely Microsoft is already thinking about something analogous to this latest hack.

Check out the full description of the hack below, or watch demize2010’s other Kinect hacks for Doom and The Legend of Zelda on Super Nintendo.


"As far as I’m aware this is the first real PLAYABLE fps hack.

My objective with call of duty was to get a playable experience – difficult considering the precise movements needed and the fact COD was never designed to be played like this! For this reason normal walking is done with the chuck.

Wii remote was used to get the precision aiming – though I stuggled to find an IR script that works nicely (this is using the gyro’s in the wii instead). If anyone has a good working IR FPS script please send me through a link!

Bonuses of using kinect on an FPS is the ability to lean, duck, pick up, reload and stab realistically, cool huh? You can play this sat down as well ;)

This Hack uses FAAST and GlovePIE to bring COD to Kinect! Check out the Doom and Zelda snes kinect hacks if you haven’t already."



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