Carmack says Apple will fail in gaming venture

iphonesRemember when Kanye West went in front of a camera during the Katrina crisis during a live broadcast and stated, quite plainly, that "George Bush doesn’t care about black people"?

Well, John Carmack, the Id Software Technical Director, is saying that "Steve Jobs doesn’t care about games."

Although sarcastically admitting that the statement would put him on Apple CEO Steve Jobs’, "sh*thead list," until he is needed again, John Carmack said that Jobs is not a gamer, and thus Apple, as a company, cannot succeed in the gaming field.

In a potentially contradictory statement, however, Carmack continued on and said that the iPhone could become a very important gaming platform, possibly enough so to debunk the PSP. Id is already underway, working on iPhone projects. Carmack has announced that neither project is a port of a popular game.

The contradiction here is pretty huge. On one side of the coin, Carmack states that Apple cannot succeed in the gaming business because of its non-gaming CEO, but on the other side he says that the iPhone will be a very valuable canvas for developers, particularly for Id.

Draw what you will from that.

[via EuroGamer]


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