Carol Vorderman's Sudoku Review

It seems like Sudoku is becoming more and more popular these days. Whether you’re scanning through a magazine, reading a newspaper, or browsing the web, you’re sure to find at least one Sudoku puzzle floating around out there. Now you can even challenge yourself to a quick game of Latin mathematical squares on your PSP! Well, it may not sound that exciting, but try and stay with me.

Carol Vorderman, acclaimed Sudoku expert and British T.V. personality, will guide you on your way to becoming a Sudoku master. The game starts off with a quick explanation of what exactly Sudoku is and the origin of the game. After watching Carol (with her cleavage bearing blouses) talk about Sudoku, you’ll go directly into the main game menu.

The game has a surprisingly large amount of different modes that will keep you quite busy. Single player features 4 different modes, including Classic mode, Arcade mode, Career mode, and Challenge Carol mode. Classic mode is mainly just doing straight Sudoku puzzles with no twists, which was perfect for me because of my obvious lack of skill. Arcade mode features 4 different types of games to choose from. All 4 of these game types are timed, giving Sudoku an edge that it really wouldn’t have in any other circumstances. Career mode is fairly straightforward, and has a player advance through different stages until they become the coveted Sudoku Master with a Black Belt. Amazing, I know. Challenge Carol mode has you trying to beat Carol’s best times on certain puzzles. I’d only recommend this mode for experts, since the time she completes these puzzles in is ridiculous.

Multiplayer is also included into the game. You have the option of linking up with a buddy through a WiFi connection or you can go head-to-head with a friend by switching off the PSP after each turn. It’s a nice alternative to single player, but I doubt anybody will use it unless they are bored out of their mind.

Four difficulty settings make the game easy to pick up and get started. Whether you’re a complete beginner at Sudoku or an expert, the game is perfect for anybody who wants to have Sudoku by their side 24/7. Tutorial videos from Carol can help even an old pro improve their skills. The tutorials guide you through a variety of different strategies for solving the puzzles. Carol will even guide you through a complete puzzle step-by-step.

The control scheme is relatively simple as you may expect. Pencil markings can be made for the squares you are not too sure about, just like on paper. Once you click on a box, a nice little number pad is shown in the upper right corner where you can choose a number from 1-9. I was surprised at how simple and easy this was. Plus, you’ll never need an eraser!

Just to add to the games options, you can also create your own Sudoku puzzle, which I found to be very interesting. A high scores list with your best times will also keep you motivated to do more puzzles.

This game is a must for any Sudoku fan. With over 1,000,000 puzzles packed into the game, you’ll never need another source for Sudoku again. At least until Carol comes out with her second version of the game.


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