Castlevania: Lords of Shadow sequel accidentally revealed

Developer MercurySteam has sort of accidentally revealed that they are already working on a sequel to the favorably received Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Details are pretty much non-existent at this point, and even the reveal for the game was pretty lackluster.

Oscar Araujo, the man behind the tunes of the latest Castlevania told a Spanish radio station, "If you liked the first [game], hope that the second is even more spectacular." It’s not a 100% confirmation of a sequel, but it’s pretty close.

According to Eurogamer, the site that discovered the accidental reveal, Konami has yet to make any kind of comments in regard Araujo’s slip of the tongue. This seems to be the way a lot of games are getting revealed lately. Titles like Fable III and Little Big Planet 2, were all prematurely revealed by artists with tangential relatiionships to the development of the game. For Fable III, one of the voice actors revealed that he had been approached about doing a voice for the game, before any official announcement had been made. In the case of Little Big Planet 2, a sequel was made apparent after a DJ whose music was being comissioned for the game, revealed his accomplishment on Twitter.

The age of information has not been kind to the marketers of video games.



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