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Perspective in the Virtual World

By Eddie Inzauto, December 19, 2006 0 Columns

What makes up a video game? At the most basic level, they are systems of input (controls), output (graphics, audio) and the relationship between the two. Although the complexities of a well-made game extend well beyond this simple definition, the… Read More »

Will Code for Food: Funding the Next Generation of Games

By Eddie Inzauto, December 11, 2006 0 Columns

So here we are, in the next — scratch that — current generation of console gaming, and I can’t help but ponder the issues that effect the direction of the industry, and ultimately impact gamers. As Microsoft might call it,… Read More »

A Long Game is Not a Better Game

By Eddie Inzauto, December 8, 2006 0 Columns

Since the dawn of time, gamers have found themselves waging wars of words and carrying on conflicts of colloquialisms over innumerable issues eternally bonded to the very source of their every pleasure, pain, love and hatred: video games. One such… Read More »

Best Boss Fights

By Eddie Inzauto, November 27, 2006 0 Columns

As a staple ingredient to the play experience, boss encounters are regarded by many as a measure of a game’s overall value. Simply stated, we play for the epic, not the mundane. Without further ado, here are the best boss… Read More »

The Ratings Game

By Eddie Inzauto, November 23, 2006 0 Columns

Although my greatest aspiration in life has been to become a part of the video game journalism community, I have always had a bone to pick with the collective…critical…mass, as I have chosen to ambiguously entitle it. The idea of… Read More »

PS3 Launch Day Adventure: The Eddie Chronicles

By Eddie Inzauto, November 17, 2006 0 Columns

If you were wondering where I’ve been lately, then have I got a story for you. What fun I’ve been having! I feel like a child on his first visit to the dentis- I mean, Disneyland… My Wednesday evening began… Read More »

System Launch

By Eddie Inzauto, November 13, 2006 0 Columns

As the highly anticipated launch days of the PS3 and Wii draw nearer, the gaming community is reaching fever pitch. Internet buzz is overwhelming, as anyone with gaming RSS feeds can attest to. Personally, I’m getting exhausted trying to keep… Read More »

Top 10 Overlooked Videogames

By Eddie Inzauto, November 11, 2006 0 Columns

The ever-popular Overlooked Games List: everyone has their own version of this list, and I feel very passionately about mine. Here’s a quick smattering of games that I feel have gotten less love over the years than they rightfully deserve…. Read More »

Wii’s Online Future: Miispace?

By Eddie Inzauto, November 8, 2006 0 Columns

Nintendo is a company that has perennially brought creative ideas to the table in the video game world. The Wii continues this trend of innovation, most notably with its novel input system. Aside from the controller, however, Nintendo is introducing… Read More »

Surrealism: A Fork In The Road

By Eddie Inzauto, November 2, 2006 0 Columns

A big topic nowadays is the “direction” of the games industry. When examining the next-gen console race, this is often approached in terms of technological power vs. game-play and innovation. I believe it has been made abundantly clear in which… Read More »