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Star Wars Battlefront II Review

By GamerNode Staff, November 3, 2005 0 GN, VG Review

Lately it has been hard to turn your head without seeing an ad for Star Wars Battlefront II. By now, everyone should know that it’s the sequel to the BEST-SELLING STAR WARS GAME OF ALL TIME, and it’s easy to… Read More »

Sony's New Plan for MMORPGs

By GamerNode Staff, November 1, 2005 0 GN

Massively multiplayer online role playing games, (MMORPG) make money not from just selling the game, but by the monthly subscription rates paid by the gamers to play and operate the game online. In other words, you may have bought the… Read More »

Revolution Secrets Revealed

By GamerNode Staff, October 31, 2005 0 GN

By Frank Ling, GN Writer Monday, October 31, 2005 Microsoft and Sony have been heavily touting the qualities and features of their next-gen game consoles, but Nintendo has been relatively quiet in comparison. However, Nintendo™s Jim Merrick, senior director of… Read More »

Sony: PlayStation 3 Will Run at 120 FpS

By GamerNode Staff, October 31, 2005 0 GN

Ken Kutaragi, president of Sony Entertainment, said in an interview with Nikkei BP, that the PlayStation 3 may well be headed to an astounding display rate of up to 120 fps (frames per second). To put this in perspective, a… Read More »

Bully Gets Bullied by British

By GamerNode Staff, October 28, 2005 0 GN

The British Parliament has kicked sand in the face of Rockstar about its intended release of Bully, a video game in which gamers take on the character of bullies harassing and physically abusing school children. Although the game is not… Read More »

SSX On Tour Review

By GamerNode Staff, October 25, 2005 0 GN, VG Review

The SSX series is one-of-a-kind, one part racing and one part extreme sports, all mixed with plenty of snow. One of the biggest series for the Playstation 2, it was only a matter of time before SSX boarded its way… Read More »

The God of War Movie

By GamerNode Staff, October 25, 2005 0 GN

“God of War”, Sony,s blockbuster action video game based upon Greek mythology, is slotted to become a movie. Universal Pictures has acquired the rights to produce the film. The recent move by Hollywood to secure motion picture rights to video… Read More »

MI6 Website Launches – Wanna be a Secret Agent?

By GamerNode Staff, October 13, 2005 0 GN

If you™ve got an itch for the spy game, Britain™s MI6 wants you surfin™ their site. James Bond™s own Secret Intelligence Service (known colloquially as MI6), sent their snazzy new website out into the world today. The overseas-intelligence service™s website… Read More »

Controversy Surrounds Bully

By GamerNode Staff, October 13, 2005 0 GN

RockStar, publishers of the controversial Grand Theft Auto series, is in hot water again as it finds itself deep in stormy protests from parents and children™s advocate groups concerning the upcoming title, Bully. The game, scheduled for release in April… Read More »

Retail Reaction to Violent Video Game Bill

By GamerNode Staff, October 11, 2005 0 GN

By Mike Grzan, GN Writing/Public Relations Director Tuesday, October 11, 2005 The President of the IEMA, has sent out a press release stating his reaction to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s signing of a bill that prohibits anyone under 18 to… Read More »