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F.E.A.R. Preview

By GamerNode Staff, May 10, 2006 0 Previews

The name may not sound too original, but what really stands out here is Monolith’s track record of developing amazing action titles. With previous titles like Tron 2.0 and the No One Lives Forever series, we always expect a lot… Read More »

Battlefield 2 Preview

By GamerNode Staff, May 10, 2006 0 Previews

In just one week, Battlefield 2 will be in retail stores everywhere. However, a week is an eternity, and who could wait that long for one of the biggest shooters of the year? Thankfully EA has come to the rescue… Read More »

Suikoden V Preview

By GamerNode Staff, May 10, 2006 0 Previews

With Suikoden V on the horizon, it’s time to recap and preview the critically acclaimed RPG series. Defined by its unique style, wonderful dialogue, and highly praised tactical battle system, this series has been a little under the radar (especially… Read More »

New Super Mario Bros. Pushed Back A Week

By GamerNode Staff, April 3, 2006 0 Previews

According to the official Web site, Nintendo’s anticipated new title, New Super Mario Bros., will now be released one week later than expected. The game will be released on May 21 instead of May 15, as it was stated in… Read More »

Oblivion goes Gold!

By GamerNode Staff, March 5, 2006 0 Previews

Today there is the whooshing sound as hundreds of thousands of people stopped holding their breath all at once. Bethesda and 2K Games the makers behind the smash hit and highly esteemed Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, have been teasing us… Read More »

World of Warcraft expansion Preorder

By GamerNode Staff, January 12, 2006 0 Previews

The Burning Crusade, the long anticipated expansion to Blizzard's World of Warcraft, has been set for preorder and is to be distributed on July 1, 2006 for $39.99 US. The expansion is to have a new level cap of 70… Read More »