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Mario Kart DS Review

By GamerNode Staff, December 29, 2005 0 GN, VG Review

During the holidays, I decided to pick a present for myself. My reasoning was this: who else would better know what I wanted besides me? The logic is impeccable, if not rather self serving. So I went to my local… Read More »

Call of Duty 2 Review

By GamerNode Staff, November 5, 2005 0 GN, VG Review

So you played Call of Duty and loved it. I did too. In fact, I played the single player to death. Then came the expansion pack: United Offensive. Not only did I play the single player over and over again,… Read More »

Star Wars Battlefront II Review

By GamerNode Staff, November 3, 2005 0 GN, VG Review

Lately it has been hard to turn your head without seeing an ad for Star Wars Battlefront II. By now, everyone should know that it’s the sequel to the BEST-SELLING STAR WARS GAME OF ALL TIME, and it’s easy to… Read More »

SSX On Tour Review

By GamerNode Staff, October 25, 2005 0 GN, VG Review

The SSX series is one-of-a-kind, one part racing and one part extreme sports, all mixed with plenty of snow. One of the biggest series for the Playstation 2, it was only a matter of time before SSX boarded its way… Read More »