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By Anthony LaBella, June 21, 2013 0 VG Review

The licensed video game still holds a certain stigma in 2013, but at least the overall quality has improved quite a bit. Star Trek: The Video Game, however, taps into the worst kind of nostalgia, uncovering repressed memories of horrible video… Read More »

By Aled Morgan, June 21, 2013 0 VG Review

PC Gaming is a language of sorts – one that I’m not yet fully versed in. You see, I learned to count to ten in PC language when I was a kid, back on Age of Empires and Discworld games harvested from… Read More »

By Jason Fanelli, June 9, 2013 0 VG Review

What am I doing here? That’s one of the questions I kept asking myself as I made my way through The Starship Damrey’s intriguing little tale. How did I end up on this ship? Why am I trapped in my… Read More »

By Jason Fanelli, June 9, 2013 1 VG Review

There’s a moment in Metro: Last Light when the main character Artyom overhears a child crying about a lost teddy bear and an adult asking the boy where he lost it. Normally this would be a conversation between NPCs that… Read More »

By Eddie Inzauto, June 4, 2013 0 VG Review

I won’t soon forget Neo-Paris, nor Nilin, the woman whose tragic story plays out in a clouded virtual reality across the rich streets of the city’s lower quarters and the lonesome, lifeless halls where its affluent citizens live and work… Read More »

By Mike Deas, June 1, 2013 0 VG Review

After invading PC, Mac, iOS, Android, XBLA, PSN, and the Nintendo DS, PopCap Games has finally shambled its way over to Facebook via its new outing Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. Mixing the series’ classic brain-eating tower defense mechanics with a simulation/social network… Read More »

By Eddie Inzauto, May 23, 2013 0 VG Review

The power of great writing in video games is nowhere more evident than in Deadly Premonition, and more recently, Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut. While that title is somewhat of a misnomer, the game being only a slightly altered re-release… Read More »

By Greg Galiffa, May 23, 2013 2 VG Review

If there’s one accessory in all of the film, videogame, comic book, and pulp histories that epitomizes “useless decoration” while simultaneously ordaining the concept of “cool,” it’s the bandana. If there’s one accessory that takes the former and plunges it,… Read More »

By Mike Murphy, May 23, 2013 0 VG Review

Sacred Citadel reminds me of games that hold a special place in my heart: The old side-scrolling action titles that riddled arcades and took up spots in my NES- and Genesis-era shelves in my younger days. Games like X-Men Arcade,… Read More »

By Jason Fanelli, May 12, 2013 0 VG Review

I was at my wit’s end. I had reached the last straw. My current mission in Dead Island Riptide called for me to use a boat to get where I needed to go. Fine, let’s get a boat. I looked… Read More »