CCP Games spends $7 Million on Eve Online

eve1Chief Marketing Officer Magnus Bergsson has announced that CCP Games will be spending about $7,000,000 on marketing Eve Online this year.

"The hardcore gamers know about EVE… So we’re expanding. We’re still going to be in the hardcore gaming media, but we’re adding more general gaming and even portals like Yahoo!. We need to expand, because if we’re going to go beyond 300,000 subscribers, we can’t just do that with hardcore gamers," he said.

The game has become increasingly more popular, recently eclipsing the 200,000 user mark. Because the game is hosted on a single server, its growth has gotten CCP in talks with IBM and Microsoft regarding just how to handle the game’s growth.

According to Bergsson, there is no need to be overly concerned. "Personally, I don’t worry about the issue of performance. [A growing userbase] will just mean more money for us to invest in new hardware. There are new CPUs coming out, and we just have to swap out the old and move in with new. IBM has been really good at working with us and getting us the latest hardware. It’s been great working with them," he said.

CCP aims to reach their goal of 300,000 users before the end of the year.


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