CDC to Study Game''s Effects on Children

A Senate Committee recently approved a study that will determine "the effects of viewing and using electronic media, including television, computers, video games and the Internet on children’s cognitive, social, physical, and psychological development." Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) stated "As parents and policymakers, we need to better understand the effect of the constant barrage of media on our children. Our children are growing up immersed in interactive, digital and wireless media that is constantly changing. We need better, more current research to study the impact of the new media dominating our kids’ lives and we need to make sure our research keeps up with the times as technology continues to advance." It’s almost like she’s planning on running for office. Many within the tech community have already voiced their skepticism in regards to fair play, given the track record of supporters such as Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman, who have both long advocated radical reform within the gaming industry. Whether the primary purpose of the study is to find a link between violence and videogames has yet to be seen, but Marc Johnson of the legislative counsel to the American Civil Liberties Union assures that if it comes to that down the road, "that’s where there’s going to be a problem."


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