Certainly not a laughing matter, Duck Hunt's trademark may expire

Laughing The 1980s were a time of big hair, heavy metal, and lousy trademark filings with the latter being the subject of Nintendo’s current dilemma. While other console makers are dealing with rather high failure rates, Nintendo’s biggest setback seems to be how it filed for a trademark over 20 years ago.

GoNintendo is reporting that the original trademark filed for Duck Hunt is too vague to be renewed and that Nintendo has been issued "final office action." Apparently if nothing is done anyone who makes a game where ducks are hunted can register a new trademark and name their game Duck Hunt.

Nintendo does have the opportunity to appeal this action and restate their case, and you can bet your Miyamoto that they will. Hopefully this time they can be a little more specific in their wording.

I, for one, am hoping Nintendo gets this whole thing straightened out soon so we can get that long awaited sequel, Duck Hunt 2: Electric Boogaloo. Seriously though, how come there hasn’t been one? Duck Hunt is one of the most recognizable games from Nintendo’s early days and ranks second on my sister’s favorite games of all time list. To let an IP die after one game is not the Nintendo way.

Once the lawyers get the wording all square at the very least we should see Duck Hunt on the Virtual Console. At the very most, we’ll get a sequel every year just like Madden. I’m pulling for at least one sequel for the Wii. I mean, the controller is already a light gun, how hard could it be to animate some ducks?


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