Cheaper Is Better, Says Nintendo

Want a cheap next-gen console? CNN Money reported that this may, in fact, be possible if you™re looking to Nintendo™s Revolution as your next next-gen gaming console. Reggie Fils-Aime, marketing chief for Nintendo, indicated that the Revolution will most likely be the lowest priced unit of all the next-gen game machines coming out. This follows Nintendo™s previous strategy of their GameCube launch in 2001. The price for the GameCube, at that time, was approximately $100 less than its competition. Fils-Aime did not specify, however, what price point the new Revolution would be launched at. But some simple math and deduction means the Revolution might sell anywhere from $199 to $250, if they follow their prior pricing strategy. Fils-Aime outlined Nintendo™s launch plans for the Revolution by saying, "First, we’ve got make sure that the titles in the first six months are strong and can drive sales. We’ve also got to make sure the console is attractive visually. And we’ve got to deliver on the right consumer needs." Fils-Aime™s reference to a console that is attractive visually is no doubt, a reference to the GameCube. Nintendo™s previous offering received scathing comments about its design and form factor. Fils-Aime tossed a few, relative tame, barbs at the PS3 and Xbox 360 by inferring that the machines will have a difficult time in displaying high definition graphics because of long loading times. As far as the Revolution is concerned, which will not have HD capacity; he said that ground breaking gameplay would make up for the lack of support for HD. Nintendo has also announced its plans to have a simultaneous launch for the Revolution game machine next year during the second quarter.


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