Config file reveals Bioshock destined for PS3?

little sisterAll the news seems to be revolving around all things Bioshock, so here’s another tasty little tidbit. A forum member, gtrunner2, on the forums believes that he has found some real evidence that the game is going to the PS3.

He was poking around the configuration file on the PC demo of the game and found programming notes that seems to indicate that a PS3 version is on the way. This is what he found:


;; Console (XBox360, PS3) specific settings

;; StreamingDynamicFloatingLimit:

;; If this is a positive number, then instead of using the fixed per-level

;; limits, the StreamingDynamic resource will use as much memory as is

;; available as long as the total memory allocated by the game is less than

;; the specified number. In other words, StreamingDynamic will grow and

;; shrink to fit to the available memory instead of being locked to a fixed

;; budget


He says you can see this by following this path on your PC; Program Files/2k Game/Bioshock demo/Content/config.ini.

Is this a clever hoax or did he really unearth the "secret."


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