Contest 3! Win a copy of Stranglehold and administer justice!

Halo 3 is just around the corner, and I’m in a good mood. (Even though my Red Wings just finished the worst hockey season ever [I don’t know if it is, I don’t watch hockey] in NHL Live 08.)

Despite my crushing defeats, it’s time once again for a GamerNode 100% Grade-A Certified Contest! What’s on the line this time, you ask? Why, I reply, a brand-new copy of Stranglehold for the Xbox 360. (If you don’t have an Xbox 360, you can always exchange it for another copy or give it away as an awesome Christmas present, sure to guarantee you’ll have at least one friend this holiday season. I may also be able to acquire a PC version in addition, but don’t make me swear on that.)

The rules of this contest are simple. It’s another random drawing, but this time it’s not going to be focused in the forum — instead, it will be focused on the main site. Every day, you may or may not notice several articles go up. News, reviews, interviews — it doesn’t matter, they go up. (Unless they’re crap, then they don’t.) In a tale so depressing it’s reminiscent of the ending of Final Fantasy X, the stories are sad they don’t have very many friends. That’s where you come in.



For the next week and change (between the moment this post goes up and midnight next Saturday) every person who posts at least 5 comments on a story in any given day is given a ticket in the drawing. Post more than 5, and you’ll get more tickets. (To make it fun, I’m not going to reveal how many it takes to get two tickets, or three, or seven, but it isn’t always going to be every 5 — maybe it’s only 6 posts to get two tickets, and then 15 to get 3. Who knows?)

When the contest ends, the people who have gotten tickets will be entered into a drawing, and the winner will be sent their very own copy of Stranglehold that following Monday morning. (If you’re in the US and win, that means you’d get the game likely Wednesday morning — if you aren’t in the US…I don’t know how long it will take, maybe two or three weeks for something as small as a game?)

Remember, though: comments need to be topical, and not just random spam like "i like caek."

Discuss the news with fellow GN users/readers/robots, have people finally recognize your name (because you made such an AWESOME comment that totally made everyone of the opposite gender want you), and have a chance at being able to blow away hordes of Hong Kongian gangsters. It’s win-win, really.

(PS, jambo is a staff member now, so he can’t win.)


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