Contest: Win a Qmotions Xboard

It’s time for the second contest of Unofficial Contest Week(s) here at GamerNode. This time, the prize is a little bigger, but 100% devoid of Pauly Shore. After some guessing (and sexual propositions?) from several community members, the time to unveil Contest Two is upon us.

Are you still waiting for a Wii? Or do you own a PS2 but crave something with motion sensing controls that is actually fun? If so, you’re in luck. We’re giving away four Qmotion Xboards! What’s an Xboard, you ask? I’m glad you asked!

"The Qmotions Xboard is a full motion Game Controller that translates your body movement and converts it into fluid action within your favorite snow or skate boarding game. Plug and play for your PS2, this unique game controller can transformer your living room or den into a skate park or snowboarding slope. Compatible with a variety of EA skating and snowboarding games, the Xboard even comes packed with SSX 3 to get yourself up on the board right out of the box.

MSRP of 99.99."


Check out a video of the Xboard in action


With an average rating of 4.5 stars on Radioshack’s page for it here, it should serve as an entertaining way to play your snowboarding and skateboarding games on the PS2; I’m sure it certainly breathes life into a franchise demolished by SSX Blur.

So how can you win? Simple! (Well, not THAT simple all together, but each of the four ways to win in themselves are simple enough).

ONE winner selected randomly from those posting in the official contest topic. Post in that topic once, you’re entered to win.

ONE winner selected randomly from comments on stories. Each day, a random user will be selected as that day’s winner (and will then be posted in the official topic). At the end of the contest, they will all be entered into a pool and a winner will be randomly drawn. You can be selected more than once throughout the course of the contest.

ONE winner selected by photo contest. What’s the contest? Take a picture of yourself (or friend, or stranger, or pet) with the best ‘makeshift snowboard gear.’ No helmet? Use a pot. No jacket? Try cardboard stuffed with bubblewrap. The funniest (or most creative) picture wins.

ONE winner selected via Photoshop contest. Much like the I Can Play Guitar contest, you have an image of the item with a white background on the Radioshack page. Photoshop that into a picture (put Hitler riding one down a roller coaster or something). The funniest wins.

As usual, GamerNode staff are not eligible-for TWO of the contests. This time, an unbiased judge not affiliated with GN will select the winners for the two photo portions of the contest. That means that for picture-based entries, GamerNode staff, moderators, familes and pets can enter and win. (Even if Jesse entering is a huge disadvantage to all of us with no talent.)


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