Could Street Fighter 4 hit consoles this winter?

sf4Flag this as a rumor, first and foremost; but a juicy one we here at GamerNode would love to see come true. Street Fighter 4 is going to be a big launch for arcades.

It has been too long since we last had a true sequel to the amazing Street Fighter 3: Third Strike and so far SF4 looks like it will deliver. The comic like 3D yet stunning graphics, the tweaked fighting mechanics, and the expanded character roster are going to make SF4, hopefully, a mainstay at arcades across the globe and hardcore competitions like Evo2k.

Despite this there is still an elephant in the room when the topic of SF4 is mentioned. The arcade appeal has dropped dramatically in the states, and many Street Fighter fans who don’t have access to a local arcade are wondering how they will get to experience the next SF. In short, will Street Fighter 4 launch for consoles and if it does which ones and when?

According to French blog Jeuxvideo, Street Fighter 4 is going to be smashing its way onto the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC this winter. Unfortunately, there is no real link to confirm this statement and other attempts to get a response out of Capcom have failed. So why even mention this?

Because it is a fact, Capcom has to release SF4 on home consoles in order to get any type of profit here in the US.

[Via JoyStiq]


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