Crackdown DLC Plans Revealed

In a Eurogamer interview with producer Phil Wilson, plans were revealed for downloadable content for Realtime Worlds’ smash-hit Crackdown. Among the new content will be a new game mode, which was inspired by a co-op video posted online. While addressing a question based on if there will be plans to implement a competitive multiplayer mode in the future, Wilson stated, "We’ve got some competitive (and one co-operative… if you chose to play it that way) game modes that we’re already having a great time playing. Longer term it would be good to offer multiplayer to more than two players in the Crackdown Universe – the prospect of mass co-op is definitely an exciting one." He also pointed out that the current inability to reset gangs would be amended with the free DLC. Additionally, in one of the free DLC packs, there will be an option to reset gangs.

Currently, there’s no word on release dates for the DLC, or if all of the content would be free.

Other questions in the interview included the reasoning for not including flying vehicles in the game. "That was partly because we wanted verticality to be earned only through vertigo-inducing climbs and were also concerned that we might possibly break that explorative element if we threw in a helicopter or similar." Wilson also expressed his gratitude for the immense success the game has become, especially being bundled with the Halo 3 beta program. Finishing up the interview, Wilson didn’t rule out a sequel to Crackdown (he gave the standard "no sequel has been announced") but he did point out that the potential for more narrative in a future Crackdown would be considered.


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