Crysis Hype

Based off the successor to the Crytek engine (responsible for the awesome Far Cry), Crysis is shaping up to be top notch. There are a lot of rumors flying regarding this game, and we’ve decided to evaluate some of the most prevalent hype. Crysis will be PC exclusive. In a statement the president and CEO of Crytek (regarding console release), Cevat Yerli has said: "[Developing Crysis for consoles] crossed our minds, but we’re sticking with PC. One thing about our company is that we want to focus, we don’t want to do multiple things, we want to do one thing and do it well. PC is our focus right now, we were born there and we want to showcase what we can do there, before we made any move onto consoles." So much like its predecessor, Crysis will probably be PC-based initially and then find its way into the console market.

Here are some of the more drool-worthy features expected for the title:

  • Object- and foliage-aware AI
  • Near-future military style weapons
  • Customizable body armor (based on real military gear)
  • Gravity/physics system of unprecedented quality
  • DirectX 10 support
  • Soft shadows
  • Sub-surface scattering
  • HDR lighting
  • Motion Blur, for high intensity action scenes
  • Depth of Field focusing, to shift focus on objects based on their distance
  • Volumetric clouds
  • Real-time cloud generation
  • Real-time weather generation
  • Volumetric Fog, capable of absorbing light and sticking dynamically to terrain
  • Spherical Harmonics Complex lighting, compressed for use in real time
  • Soft particles
  • Breakable objects and foliage
  • Backlighting for light-permeable objects
  • Caustics, a pretty name for improved light refraction Let’s not forget "SunRays," a completely new technique that actually models photons arriving from different light sources (like the sun) for super realism in the little details.


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