Crytek debunks rumors of Crysis PS3 port

This piece of speculation comes from QuickJump and while the story hangs on a thread of reality, the idea is interesting. Crysis, the PC shooter that was unveiled to crowds of E3 convention goers last year, may be slated for a port over to the PS3.

The idea comes from a job listing on Crytek’s website looking for PS3 console programmers who can "Work on various aspects of porting to PS3 and creating solutions to get the utmost out of the PS3." Deductive logic and a little wishful thinking points to Crysis as the most likely candidate for porting.

But the official Crysis website had a few words to say about the rumor — that it is an old one and one that keeps going around the internet. The posting on the site stated:

"Remember last year when Crytek posted the job offer for a PS3 Programmer and all the gaming sites went crazy in presuming it was for a PS3 port of Crysis. Also remember how it was made rather clear that Crytek has plans to port CryEngine2 (not Crysis) and hence the reason why they want a PS3 Programmer?

"Although that job offer hasn’t changed, it seems it’s once again making the trip around the internet. Funny how not only old, but also misleading news can be recirculated. I’d just like to make it clear that nothing has changed since last year. There are no plans at the moment for a Crysis port of any kind."


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