Dad vs. Kids. Dad: 0, Kids: 0

A few months ago, a story was reported on GamerNode about a mom who had trouble with her son doing chores. Now, we have another situation with someone having a similar problem, but offering a decidedly different approach for the solution. received a post from a mom that said she was having disciplinary problems with her three sons. Her husband had repeatedly warned his kids about unacceptable behavior while playing on the Xbox. We don’t know how long this went on or what the kids were doing that was increasing dad’s blood pressure, but he decided to take things into his own hands, literally.

Mom stated in the post:

“My husband had repeatedly warned our 3 boys about their behavior while playing the XBOX. Tuesday, after I arrived home from work, our oldest son told me to look in the backyard at ‘Dad’s artwork.’ Well, I wasn’t surprised to see the XBOX proudly displayed on the nearest tree… way to go Honey!!!!!”

We’re not sure if this is a good approach in showing kids a respect for property, but the upside to all this is that the kids may finally have a chance to get an Xbox 360 to replace their original Xbox.

You didn’t think of that, did you dad?

[via iReport]


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