The Q: Do you buy collector's editions?

Daily QOn Saturday, GamerNode reported the announcement of the Fallout 3 Survival Edition by Bethesda Softworks and The bundle will include a bobblehead, an art book, a DVD, and a lunch box, all for the low, low price of $120. Judgind from your comments, I would venture to guess that this particular collection isn’t winning any popularity contests. But how about others?

Do you buy special/limited/collector’s editions of videogames, or do you just pick up the regular retail copy?

I have been playing videogames for about 20 years now, and I can honestly say that I have never purchased a single special edition game. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m interested in what goes in the console, and would probably ditch the box and manual if it meant getting a discount price on the game content. (Ok, maybe not. That’s a bit extreme.) Besides, I’d probably get to see all that bonus stuff online at some point anyway, if I wanted to or not.

As for lunch boxes and duffel bags… no, thank you.

[Eddie Inzauto]


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