The Q: Do you play "casual" games?

GN FeatureOne big topic in the world of videogames this particular console generation is the notion of "casual" vs "hardcore" gamers, but what does that actually mean? Lately, the gaming press generally calls anything that falls in the puzzle genre a casual game. Minigame collections are big recipients of the casual label, and about half the releases on Nintendo consoles get slapped with that distinction as well.

It seems that anything that has minimal storyline and focuses on shorter individual gameplay sessions is what people like to call "casual," so my question to the GN readers is this:

Do you play casual games? How do you define that term?

Yeah, it’s two questions again, but I think the second is essential to understanding the first. As for me, I tend to gravitate towards the more complete virtual experiences that feature in-depth storylines, progressive gameplay mechanics, and unique and interesting game design.

Having said that, I still kinda play a little bit of everything, but I enjoy those epic and memorable games a little bit more.

[Eddie Inzauto]


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