The Q: What do you want from us?

dqWell we’ve made it a whole month Daily Qers. An entire month of questions that you have all answered to the best of your ability with a number 2 keyboard. Sure there were some hiccups but no one’s perfect…except Brendon (he’s the editor-in-chief). On the one month anniversary of this daily feature I want to mix it up. I want to hear your voices speaking out, not just speaking up.

What do you want from GamerNode?

I want to know what you think we can do better. We’ve been increasing our features if you haven’t noticed. We’ve got Pro Tip, Lets Play, One Word Review, and Eddie’s Column (where he does all things Eddie), and of course the Daily Q.

Do you think features are the right direction? Or can we somehow improve elsewhere? I want to know. We’re doing this for you, dear readers, and I would love to hear…er… read your input.


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